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Seeing as Rebels is a very new series (that's subjective, but I can't help thinking of anything after 2010 as very new), a message to all whom it may concern or something.

To anybody I'm potentially threading with: I'm currently up-to-date in Rebels, but that's still a very fresh development for me, have only been for a few days. Anyway, so what I'm actually saying is: I understand the need not to hear any spoilers, I managed to never spoil myself on any Star Wars stuff ever except for when I was eight or nine years old and I wanted to know the plot of Empire Strikes Back before going to the cinema to see Return of the Jedi, and I asked my brother and he summarised the whole movie for me.

Anyway, in short: if you're not up to date in Rebels and want to stay that way, please tell me, and there will never be any spoilers in our threads. That's all, I guess.

EDIT: Save for an ep or two from later seasons, I've seen Clone Wars seasons 1 - 2, and hopefully there will be reruns here again, so please, no spoilers. (I don't even know who Bo Katan is, though I guess I'm gonna learn from Rebels soon enough.)

And I haven't read any new canon novels yet, save for The Force Awakens's novelisation. And speaking of novels, when it comes to Legends stuff, I'd only read Children of the Force, Planet of Twilight, a few years later a novel with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan that I can't remember the title of rn, probably something else, movie novelisations, and then, very recently (after season 3 of Rebels trailer), Thrawn trilogy. I've read nothing else yet, but I plan to, so I'd appreciate no spoilers regarding any Legends or new canon novels I've yet to read (and comics, I'd love to read some comics spoilerfree in the future). (And I'd appreciate finding out whether I'm the only person in this galaxy with a burning half-remembered love for Callista, so much that I can never ship Luke with anybody else unless for fanfic writing purposes because it's my childhood, but that's not important. :) )


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